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Anime/Japanese themed Pixelfed Instance

Private Pixelfed Instance for Sakurajima and Urusai Social users. DM @chikorita157@sakurajima.moe for an account (Account must be at least 30 days old)..

DMCA takedown

If you find infringing content that comes from our users (@sakurajima.moe, @sakurajima.social or @usuzakuraya.us), send your DMCA takedown request to this instance Admin email address (sakurajimamastodon@ateliershiori.moe). Make sure your takedown notice is valid and not covered under fair use.

If the address after the @ symbol does not match this server’s, you need to go to that website to file a DMCA takedown request. We can’t take down the original post.

Our server has a registered DMCA designated agent (registration number: DMCA-1044141)


  1. See https://blog.sakurajima.moe/server-rules/

For more information, please review our Terms of Use

Feature Packed.

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